Water Source Solutions carries a collection of water purification units to fit each need and application in the workplace and home. We customize each unit to fit your needs and budget. We conduct a site visit along with a water test to figure out which of the below filters is needed to get you the result of cleaner healthier, better tasting water at your fingertips. Below are just some of the many filters that are available. After we customize the purification process we assist with choosing the right dispenser to fit the right environment. So not only are we providing the state of the art design and technology but the most interior friendly water purification system with the best tasting water available.

  • Pre-carbon
  • Fine Post Carbon
  • Micro Carbon
  • Sediment
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra-Fine
  • TCR - Final Polish
  • PH Balancer
  • Ultra Violet Light
  • Nutrient Boost
  • Immune Detox
  • Anti-Bacterial/Sanitation
  • Fine Dust Filter
  • Tank Air Filter
  • Seven Stage Bio-Sure Capsule

Below is just a sample of one of our customized systems.

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